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A Fast, lightweight, easy to apply, portable Lockout Tagout device for Gamesa G8X and G9X wind turbine with ABB converters.

One Person, One Lock, One Key

The SACE E-Max Air Circuit Breaker commonly found in Gamesa G8X and G9X wind turbines has always been challenging to apply a lockout device. The breakers come with a lock and key build into them, but ABB uses only 4 different cuts of key and they include an extra key with every breaker, this doesn’t work well with the one person, one lock, one key practice.

SACE clamp2.png

No Modifications Needed to the Breaker

Some of the other options to apply a lock to the SACE require modifications to every breaker at your site. Modifying every breaker can be time consuming and needs to be redone whenever a breaker is replaced.


Just one device can be acquired for each technician or pair of technicians and they will be able to apply their personal locks to any SACE on site.

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